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Our Story

Dragon's Lair was started in Zimbabwe in 1994 by Gill Glyn-Jones. The name Dragon's Lair came from reading her children 'The Hobbit' where the hobbits go on a journey and find a cave of treasure guarded by a dragon.  From the age of 20, Gill has had an enduring love of rocks and stones, from a gemstone to climbing a rock face! Though her career was as a psychologist, there was always the pull of some form of art, painting, sculpture and jewellery.  A great pleasure for her has been to find a rough gemstone on a field trip, to cut or facet it herself and make it into a piece of jewellery. Initially self -taught, during her husband's sabbatical year she studied jewellery at Manresa House in London under Catherine Mannheim and she has done frequent trips since for courses in different aspects of jewellery making and also doing shows.

In 2002 she came 'home' to South Africa and opened Dragon's Lair in Rosebank Mall which over the past 18 years has become a destination shop for discerning people who want something different, artistic and genuine. As well as jewellery, Dragon's Lair carries rocks and stones, ornamental polished rocks and gemstones, gemstone beaded necklaces and pearls. Services include engraving, restringing and repairs. There is a large range of handmade silver jewellery, often including gemstones. Gold is not stocked but is made to order.

The'Covid-19' pandemic is transforming the world, including Dragon's Lair, into online shopping.

Email a request for a call back by providing your name and number.

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